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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 21, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." it's a knockdown drag-out between a suspect and two deputies. >> but watch the female deputy. >> was it self defense or overkill? the video that sparked one big debate. santa makes a grand entrance
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at a mall. >> but, as he comes down the rope, he has a bit of a mishap. >> we've got the story behind the close shave. a soldier's family is about to get the surprise of a lifetime. you better -- >> grab your tissues. >> because this reunion is a good one. plus, the wednesday buzz word to win a new ipad, and forget the motor home, you need -- >> the boater home? >> why this thing is going to blow your mind. >> oh! >> my goodness! take a look at this dash cam footage out of marion county, florida. this is from a sheriff's deputy patrol car. you'll see a suspect on the ground in between two sheriff's deputies. at this moment they are trying to get him under control and trying to cuff him. you see that he fights deputies off. but watch the female deputy. >> oh! >> that's a gun. >> yes, that was her gun, that
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was not a taser. she pulled her weapon and fired. and in fact fatally wounded this de guy. keep watching the video. you saw the second deputy pull his taser. he didn't realize the suspect had been shot and he fires his taser. the suspect in question is josh and the dash cam video was just part of a grand jury hearing. >> is there a beef over this video? are people complaining about the way deputies handled this? >> yes. one of the main things that is a point of concern is how quickly the deputy pulled her weapon. instead of pulling a taser gun or any other weapon to detain this man. >> was joshua armed at all? >> according to reports, he was unarmed. >> the one thing that's telling to me in this video is thatee f comes back at them. he doesn't break free and run n my mind now, the officers' life is in jeopardy.
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>> the grand jury did find they need a different kind of training because her weapon was drawn so quickly. now, the grand jury also found that this didn't justify any criminal charges on behalf of the two deputies, but they do want to see better training here in this county. police in alexandria, virginia, are looking for these two young fellas because they broke into a jewelry door. as you can see, they're using hammers to smash into cases. they stole three rolex watched worth $37,000. >> you said boys. how young do police suspect these boys to be? >> they're fairly young. you can see from the picture what they look like. >> little punk. >> he even looked up at the camera. he knew what was going on. >> obviously they had been in this place before. they were in and out. >> they were in and out. one of the reasons why they went out when they did is one of the store employees saw them and chased them out. >> out standing --
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>> they are still on the lam. i have a feeling they're not getting anything from santa because they're definitely on the naughty list. this is in glen shaw, pennsylvania. these guys smashed a glass door and broke into a harley davidson shop and stole $20,000 worth of jackets. >> wow! harley davidson logo stuff is not cheap. >> then they came out the hour later and the manager believed the reason they broke in again is because they wanted the security sensor. >> to unlock the tags. so they went back to get the thing to undo the security tags? that's brazen. >> that's what the manager thinks. >> i'm surprised that the manager or the cops weren't there an hour later. you'd think the alarm would go off. >> is there a huge black market for harley davidson jackets? >> like nick said, they're really expensive. if you can get one off the back of a truck without the regular price tag, there's a market for that. >> $100 instead of $500.
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>> santa is going to be busy at the end of december but this is obviously the time of year where he's making the rounds and making a lot of visits. at the broad street mall in england, here we see santa coming down a rope. there's a big cheering crowd there. but as he comes down the rope he has a bit of a mishap. santa gets his beard caught in the rope. now, of course he doesn't want to mess up his beard in front of all these people, right? he's 15 feet above the crowd hanging for 15 minutes before a british soldier came down and had to give santa a bit of a shave. >> so he lost a little bit of his beard in this mishap. >> so then he could continue down the rope and bring everybody all sorts of cheer. but it turns out this isn't the only time this exact same thing has happened to ole st. nick. here he is in dallas lastea
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at the at&t perfoing abeard ai rope. kind of a reoccuring problem for ole st. nick. >> he's a jolly old elf. he's not a rock climber or rappeler. >> did you just notice that santa had a jet pack? >> yeah in, dallas after he got his beard under control, he did a crazy jet pack show for everybody there. >> you'd think mrs. claus would have said something to him at this point. >> he's too worried about the gifts. >> and the kids. he's not thinking of himself. it's wednesday, everybody, and we have another ipad 3 to give away. >> you've got to have the buzz word and we'll have the wednesday buzz word coming up for you in just a bit. >> and remember, you have to be 18 years or older for your chance to win an ipad 3. >> so stand by for the buzz word and good luck, everybody. three words, welcome home blog. so you know it's going to be a tear jerker. >> cue the water works 'where are the tissues. >> this is in jacksonville where
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the jacksonville jaguars hosted a military appreciation game against the indianapolis colts as part of week of valor. they selected the cook family, the family of first class sailor william cook. he was deployed to afghanistan ten months ago. his family expects him soon but not for three more weeks. so at the game, awesome video message from dad, husband. >> i would like to say hi to my wife joy, my youngest daughter taylor and also happy birthday to my oldest daughter, casey. >> we've got a special surprise for you. fans, please welcome back petty officer cook, who has just returned from afghanistan. >> and in the background you can hear lee greenwood's "god bless the usa." >> that's so cool. >> that's great. >> 60,000 fans cheering. i cried twice when i first saw this video.
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>> my favorite part was to see his daughter become a 5-year-old all over again and just jump on dad. what makes this day even more special is that this was his daughter's 21st birthday. >> these moments are awesome because you can see the entire world disappear. 60,000 people, they don't hear them, they don't know. nothing else matters but what's in front of them. >> that's so cool. one man is going the distance for a cause. >> to help kids with cleft lips get their own smiles by raising funds. >> i started smile trek not just to raise money but ultimately to raise awareness. >> the story behind the journey for smiles on "right this minute." and this guy is attempting to high kick that limb. >> can you guess how this is going to end? >> really. let's just say he knocks the lights out. thefor the products they make;
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for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that.
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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they say a smile is worth a thousand words. well, winston set out on a 5,000-mile journey to help kids with cleft lips get their own smiles by raising funds. >> i started smile trek not just to raise money but ultimately to raise awareness, which is a big part of getting these kids the confidence that they deserve. >> when he was with the marines in senegal he was stunned by the poverty and also kids that needed the surgery. he used his android phone and googled walking directions to walk through southeast asia and visit different communities. through his journeys to help pay for the surgery that say will give these kids with clefts their smile back. and he started this journey in september of 2011. he is about $10,000 short of his
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goal, so he's still hoping to continue raising funds for this cause. and according to him, each surgery is about $250, so with all the money that he's been able to raise, he's helping a lot of people. not many things make me laugh more than a good fail video. i've got two of them. this guy is stretching out for a high kick. and he seems to be attempting to kick this lamp hanging from the ceiling. no idea why. can you guess how this is going to end? i bet you can. >> really? >> oh! what is she doing? >> what was that? >> miagi'ed her right across the s sleeping in that bed there too? she lands on that bed and
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someone is trying to get under the covers. >> what is going on in this house? >> no need to analyze what is going on. just enjoy the moment of the kick. >> this is craig. craig's a fit dude. he's attempting a 53-inch box jump, basically standing jump sta straight up, and he gets there. >> what the -- >> he didn't have a mat or anything down there to break his fall. >> so now he has a fractured spine. >> craig looks like he's a pretty fit dude. i'm sure all it hurt was his pride and nothing else. >> i don't know about that. >> that will knock the wind out of you when you start making those weird noises like the grape lady. sorry, craig, but i'm laughing at you today. steven, we're going to call this segment science. >> science? >> this video is called paint by
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particle. that's the models and super computing have a new video of aerosol movement. >> aerosol movement, meaning -- >> particles, dirt -- >> this is like a time lapse? >> it's rally really like a sup computer -- >> let's be serious. we don't know much about science. >> you know who does? our science correspondent. >> sup, zach? >> is this a time lapse? >> it is. this is a model from august 2006 to april 2007. aerosol you're probably thinking of spray cans. >> aqua net. >> aerosol is actually the suspension of liquid or solid particles in a gas. >> so we're seeing solid particles like dust, debris, sulfates, sea salt, things like that. >> carbons, yes, exactly.
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it's common for dust from the sahara to move all the way over to florida and it sometimes causes haze in the air. >> from the sahara? >> this is showing ou interconnected our planet is. >> the butterfly effect. 90% of aerosols are natural, but the other 10% are caused by humans. you notice that especially in the eastern u.s., europe and most notably india and other parts of asia. >> it feels one world. you know, we're all in one world. there really are no problems. look at how interconnected we are. >> can't we all get along? we all share the same dust. that's my birthday. that's what was going on on my birthday, march 20th. >> you were sniffing those aerosols. >> i was over in pennsylvania getting covered in those aerosols. it's gorillas versus a kitten. >> the kitten is cornered by the
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gorillas. >> okay, this is weird. >> see what the gorillas do with the strange visitor. >> oh, my god! >> until it outsmarts them. and it's called a tail whip, but the tail whip this dude pulls off is -- >> so extreme, he's backwards and then whips it back around. >> so impressive, you'll be
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and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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we're all familiar with motor homes. but have you ever heard of the
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boater home? the boater home. you got one of these, your the coolest guy on the boat ramp. check out that extended long van, backing into the water on the boat ramp. it just looks to me like a limo van, doesn't it, but it sort of has that boat look to it. this thing is like james bondish. the van backs down and all of a sudden you hear a boat motor start up. watch what this thing does. i've never seen one of these things before. >> oh! >> no way! >> okay, that's cool. >> the van like birthedthe boat. >> flawlessly. >> the van has a boat hauler chassis and the boat rides up on the back. you never have to trail anything
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behind you on some hitch, it's all in one, compact. >> you can hang out in the boat on land. it is supposed to accommodate four to six people. you saw how there was a bag door to the boat. i wonder if that connects up to the back seat of the van. >> absolutely. >> you're right, yeah. the whole front end kind of clam shells open. >> i want one. this one is actually really difficult to watch because it is a kitten in a gorilla enclosure at the busch gardens in tampa, florida. the kitten is cornered by the gorillas. >> oh, no, he's picking it up by the little tail. >> when they can't figure out what he is? they toss him. and the kitten manages to run away. there's a second video taken by the same person. and he's tossed a second time.
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>> oh, this is -- this is too much. this is so heart breaking. >> we need to tell somebody about it. >> one of them pulls it by the tail a little bit, but they walk away. other gorillas come over again, they start tossing him around and that's when the kitten says, you know what, i'm outta here. he runs for cover and hides somewhere in this fallen tree and they can't get to him anymore. he saves himself. he found the strength to get himself to safety and wait for the zoo keepers to come in and rescue him. >> so he gets away. so this is a little kitten versus gorilla, kitten comes out on top video. >> kitten wins. all right, everybody, it's wednesday, buzz word time. in our ipad giveaway. >> i'd say wednesday is a pretty good day to win an ipad. you've got to be 18 or older to enter. >> you enter on our facebook page. if you're using a mobile phone or tablet, then go to our first post on our facebook page and
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tap on the mobile link. >> here we go, beth. the wednesday buzz word is deadline. head on over to click on the win an ipad butt on. >> then enter the word "deadline" for your chance to win an ipad 3. good luck, everybody. you watch the changing of the guards, it's always cool. but what do you hear? >> a pup who's all bark until he gets behind the march.
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sometimes you just have to make your own way in life. >> sure. >> i think that's this guy's motto behind the wheel of this truck carrying a bunch of logs, because he needs to get somewhere and it doesn't seem that there's a road or a bridge to that place. >> doesn't stop him. >> and this is a moving river. >> i give this guy credit. this is confidence in your vehicle, confidence in your equipment. if i owned a trucking company, i'd want him. >> i actually think this is an audition for a trucking company. i think this guy wants a job. >> i think he puts this on his demo reel and says look how much i care about getting your product where it needs to go.
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>> hired. seal of approval. >> hired. stamp. you're hired, buddy. >> yep. animals are people too, and in these videos, these dogs really think that they're people. check in in hungary, you're taking a tour. you watch the changing of the guards, it's always cool, but what do you hear? [ barking ] >> there's a dog back there barking. you're just kind of watching it until -- this jack russell, either he thinks he's the general or he doesn't like the military. >> he's biting at their boots. >> he's like a krill sergeadril. come on, move it out, move it out. >> what i love most the action from thcrowd. i have to give i to the troops, 't e see one of them break a smile. >> that's awesome. >> that dog, he's lucky he didn't catch a boot. >> and this is on a beach in australia. this dog here thinks he can play
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volleyball. he's doing a great job. it's like his little front teeth after a while would be getting too sore. >> i think he's having too much fun to feel sglan you knpain. >> look at this, the dog on the leash. >> he's so sad because he wants to play volleyball. >> dog's got the life, no leash, playing ball at the park. >> once again, dogs are people too. >> dog loves to swing. >> do you want to let bobby swing and then you swing? >> okay. >> that's ridiculous. >> okay. let bobby swing first. >> hey! >> steven, a tail whip is a common motocross trick. you go up, whip your tail out and it looks something like this. but i've never seen one as huge as this one whipped by edgar
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torontores. this guy whips the bike so extreme he's backwards and then whips it back around. >> this track is incredibly rough. >> here he is, pretty much a 180. now he's completely facing where he came from. >> exactly. and then on his way down the last second, he whips it back around and lands on the ramp. >> impressive. >> i've never seen one that huge. >> and, you know, you're thinking, okay, this isn't a bmx bike, this is a big motocross bike. this thing has got to be pretty heavy. >> designed for freestyle sports like this, but still to turn that around and look back at where you came from is mind blowing. that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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